UFN-UNESCO Conference Reimagining the Futures of Higher Education Towards 2050, South Africa

REIMAGINING THE FUTURES OF HIGHER EDUCATION TOWARDS 2050’ will provide a platform to stimulate debate and discussion on the futures of Higher Education in 2050, in preparation for the UNESCO 3rd World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022) taking place from 18-20 May 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by the WHEC Theme on the Futures of Higher Education, which engages participants in visionary conceptions intended to reimagine future learning communities, this two half-day virtual UFN-UNESCO conference (24-25 February 2022) will provide a platform for sharing envisioned scenarios of higher education of the future with relevant higher education stakeholders, to address past and current injustices inherent in higher education ecosystems. Participants will begin to engage with futures research methodologies by imagining future paths that reflect the notion of higher education as a common good. 

Throughout the two days, conference participants will explore and reimagine the futures of Higher Education by engaging with futures research methodologies and policies required for Higher Education transformations over the next decades. The resulting conclusions will be presented at the 3rd World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022) (see: https://en.unesco.org/news/unesco-world-higher-education-conference-2022).


The event is a combination of keynote presentations, panel discussions and breakaway sessions designed to stimulate discussions on futures research methodologies and policy engagement on the Futures of Higher Education. The breakaway sessions will offer spaces to reflect on and discuss higher education transformations, futures research methodologies, as well as other key concepts explored throughout the conference.

Below you can download the official programme:

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Registration is now open for the upcoming UFN Conference in partnership with UNESCO titled “Reimagining the Futures of Higher Education Towards 2050” will be hosted virtually (online) by the University of South Africa on the 24th and 25th of February 2022, both days starting at 15:00 (SAST). Now it’s your turn to reimagine how Higher Education would look like in 2050!

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