Futures of Education Report

UNESCO has launched the official Futures of Education Report titled “Reimagining our futures together: a new social contract for education“. The main objective of the report is understand what role education can play in shaping our common world and shared future as we look to 2050 and beyond. In order to establish a new social contract for education a shared vision of the public purposes of education is needed. In consequence, we need to reimagine the future of education considering the next three key questions:

  1. What should we continue doing?
  2. What should we abandon?
  3. What needs to be creatively invented afresh?

The idea of shaping a better future has to be sustained in two foundational principles that must not be forgotten: assuring the right to quality education throughout life and strengthening education as a public endeavour and a common good. Although education seems to be between past promises and uncertain futures, a new social contract for education needs to allow us to think differently. For that matter, the report points out some proposal for renewing education. For example:

  1. Pedagogy should be organized around the principles of cooperation, collaboration, and solidarity.
  2. Teaching should be further professionalized as a collaborative endeavour where teachers are recognized for their work as knowledge producers and key figures in educational and social transformation.
  3. We should enjoy and expand the educational opportunities that take place throughout life and in different cultural and social spaces.

Also, it’s necessary to think new ways to catalyze and impulse a social contract for education, such as make a call for research and innovation and for global solidarity and international cooperation. If you want to know more about the Futures of Education Report read the post What you need to know about UNESCO’s Futures of Education report or check out the executive summary.

For more insights, take a look at the UNESCO – Futures of Education Report: Reimagining our futures together and UNESCO Futures of Education report explained by members of the International Commission videos.