UNESCO presents a new report called Thinking Higher and Beyond: Perspectives on the Futures of Higher Education to 2050“. It shows the first reflections of a multi-phased project on the Futures of Higher Education managed by UNESCO’s International Institute for Higher Education (IESALC) during the current year. This project aims to open an honest and thoughtful debate about two key questions:

  1. How would you like higher education to be in 2050?
  2. How could higher education contribute to better futures for all in 2050?

This report analyzes the thoughts of 25 global higher education experts, including Mpine Makoe, Simon Marginson, Felisa Tibbits and many more. They lead us through the challenges and opportunities that the future brings to rethink higher education. In order to know more about this particular report check out this news post:


The full report is available here.