Martha Burkle and Alan Tait, Editors

Contributions are invited for a volume of analyses of the impact of the COVD19 pandemic on the changing character of universities. The book is produced from the University of the Future Network, and edited by UFN members Dr Martha Burkle of the York University, Canada, Professor Alan Tait, Open University, U.K and Professor Josep Duart, Universitat Obierta Catalunia.

Contributions may take several forms, including:

  • case studies of institutional resilience
  • the impact on the speed and nature of change
  • the adoption of practices of technology supported learning
  • the challenges of hands-on learning when converting to online
  • assessment practices
  • student wellbeing
  • faculty development in lockdown times
  • understandings of the digital transition process
  • financial impacts and recovery strategies
  • long-lasting changes to the organisation of learning and teaching

Chapters should be in the range of 5-8000 words, and use the Harvard referencing system.

Proposals may be sent to Dr Martha Burkle by Nov 30th at Final submissions should be sent by January 31st 2021.